Writer, Director, Editor Joel Jay Blacker was struck by lightning in 2005 at the tender age of twelve. The brush with nature did not leave him with supernatural powers, but he still managed to channel that energy into each and every one of his creative endeavors over the years.

Joel was born in the small town of London, England. After tussling with schoolyard bullies and football firms, he made the long boat ride over to America, bringing with him his talent for wit and brevity, his dark, humorous perspective, and an eye for strong visuals coupled with deep, mature storytelling.

He got his start shooting documentaries in Haiti and Mexico, filming promotional pieces for various non-profit organizations like Saving Innocence and Global Partners. From there he moved to commercial work, crafting unique, pithy commercials for a number of clients. His unique perspective also extends to his short form content, highlighting and bringing humor to some of life’s darkest areas.

Some say Joel can still feel the rush of electricity, allowing him to predict lightning storms hours before they arrive. The distant thrum of dark thunderclouds burns constantly in his ears, transforming into a natural sort of rhythm that suffuses all of his work, giving him a natural edge when it comes to filming dance and music videos. Commercials, music videos, and more: each one bears the same trademark energy, rhythm, and joie de vivre.

Commercial clients include: Fat Burger, The Virtual Reality Company, St. Joesph Center, PalabraZ Power, CandwichMVMTTrikkeWorthPointXY Find It, Hygen, Dott, An Old Soul Jewelry, Bonga Foods and Waxing Poetic.

– “Let’s Do It” (2016), a short Written and Directed by Joel is currently on it’s festival run. OFFICIAL SELECTION of deadCenter Film Festival (2017), LA Comedy Festival (2017), Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival (2017) and North Hollywood CineFest (2017)
SYNOPSIS: Mark, in an attempt to spice up his relationship, manages to persuade his girlfriend ALLIE into throwing an orgy at their shared home. Kate and Jesse, a newer couple, are among the guests who show up. Things quickly get out of hand as alcohol, tempers, and self-esteem collide. Mark tries desperately to save the orgy as Allie and Jesse try to sabotage it at every turn, bringing in well-intentioned Steve and Dave to help bring about its end. Everyone’s motivations are called into question as the night unfolds, threatening to unravel the relationships of everyone who attends.
– “A Thing Called Love” (2015) a short written and directed by Joel, had it’s festival premiere at the LA INDIE FILM FESTIVAL. It also screened at the NORTH HOLLYWOOD CINEFEST 2016 and was featured as a daily short pick on FILMSHORTAGE.com.